Connecting with our service

You can start Tuk Tuk Hop from any meeting points.  Yet, to get the full traveling experience, we recommend that you take Chao Phraya Tourist Boat or Express Boat to start your journey.

Since rivers/canals were the backbone of transportation system when Bangkok was built, you will see many historical landmarks/buildings along this mighty Chao Phraya river.

Chao Phraya River (with tugboat and Millennium Hilton Hotel in the background)

Which pier?

The easiest way is to take BTS to Saphan Taksin station, then walk down to Sathorn pier, where you can take the boat to connect with our Tuk Tuk Hop either at

  • Tha Maharaj (accessible via tourist boat), which is the location of our sales office and meeting point #2
  • Pier #9 (accessible via normal boat), Tha Chang and walk to the Grand Palace (close to our meeting point #1)
  • Pier #8, Tha Tien and walk to Wat Pho (close to our meeting point #3)
Chao Phraya Express Boat map

Price, Payment, and Travel time of the boat

At least, there are three types of boat service that you can use

  1. Normal boat (orange flag): fixed price, 14 baht/trip, buy ticket at Sathorn pier/on the boat
  2. Tourist boat (blue flag): fixed price, 50 baht/trip, with English speaking guided tour, buy ticket at Sathorn pier/on the boat
  3. All day pass: 180 baht/day, buy ticket at Sathorn pier

You can take whatever comes first, but the tourist boat offers tour guide which is very useful.

tourist boat picture
Tourist boat (blue flag)

It will take ~20-30 mins (depends on which boat you take) to get from Thak Sin to Tha Chang/Tha Maharaj.  In general, I don’t have to wait more than 10 mins for a boat.

Fun facts along the river

Fun fact #1: Amazing view from the boat

Spot these incredible views, which can only be seen from the river

First branch of Siam Commercial Bank (first bank of Thailand)
Wat Arun (unfortunately under renovation…)
Crazy construction at ICONSIAM

Fun fact #2: Boat docking

It is amazing to see the coordination between driver and the whistler.  The docking process is fast and effective.

For engineering geeks, see how the whistler jump out to hook the rope to a post.  How they use the reverse thrust and the hooking position to create a stable system.

Boat docking, whistler hooks the rope to a pole


Fun fact #3: Tugboat

Look out for tugboats that still use Chao Phraya river as a transportation route.  Checkout below pictures, comparing between unloaded and loaded vessels.

Unloaded tugboat (look out for water marks)
Loaded tugboat










  1. Can I just stay in the car to look around those attractions? I got handicap family who are not able walk all the time. Thanks for reply.


    1. Dear Jenny,

      Thank you for your message and your interest.

      We do have another product where you can sit in Tuk Tuk for short route (1 hour) or longer route (1.5 hour). If you inform us in advance, we can provide you with our electric tuk tuk, which has low floor and is easier to access than normal tuk tuk. For more information, please contact us via 🙂


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